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Why reselling a new home is much easier

If the price of a recent property is higher, it is because it offers many advantages to the buyer in return. In this case, reselling a new home is often easier than that of an old home. Despite a higher selling price than the old one, reselling new real estate is often easier. Indeed, buying a recently built property is a guarantee of security for the buyer. He has the assurance of moving into a property that is in good condition and meets current standards. It won’t have to do any major work, it can be set up quickly, easily and without any other hassle to manage. In addition, condominium fees should remain stable for many years (no facelift to finance in the medium term for example).

Energy-efficient housing

A new home must comply with the latest energy standards in force! Insulation and heating in particular. Everything is done to optimize energy consumption. And therefore save money! What attracts potential buyers, especially in a context where future investors are also increasingly sensitive to environmental issues.

Guaranteed legal protection

Biennial guarantee, ten-year guarantee as part of a new off-plan purchase (off-plan), the purchaser benefits from numerous guarantees which protect him for 10 years against possible defects in the good … In the event of a rapid resale of the new home, these guarantees benefit the new purchaser. The latter is therefore guaranteed to be protected in the event of hidden defects …


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