sell house quickly

How to sell your house quickly

You have embarked on the search for the rare pearl, the “easy” buyer, who pays quickly, who agrees to the price you have set, who appreciates your property at its fair value – but you do not know how to start the sales process, how to sell your house quickly and at the right price. You ask yourself: how do I sell my house quickly? Here are some tips for successfully completing this delicate step. Are you afraid of putting your house on the market? Do not panic. The most important thing is to keep in mind that you want to sell the property as quickly as possible, at a win-win price. Whether in London, Liverpool, Glasgow or Manchester, you will find the tips below useful and easy to apply.

Study the market

Before you jump into the real estate market naked, you still need to know what your property is worth on the market.

To begin with, nothing is more certain than looking at reports by RICS (Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors). These reports give you an idea of ​​residential market trends, region by region, neighborhood by neighborhood. Investors can offer you the best price for your property. For this, do not hesitate to use the real estate sales simulators, which will give you an idea of ​​the price base corresponding to your house.

Beyond the real estate sector, we must also take a look at the economic health of your country in general – to ensure the proper timing of the sale.

Do your “homework”

Some specialists advise to “do your homework”, that is to say to make your property attractive before putting it on the market. But it should be noted that a seasoned investor knows how to perceive an attractive good – and can buy it as is. The most important thing is to find the right buyer. However, nothing prevents you from taking care of the exterior (and interior) of your home if you feel the need. After all, doing your “homework” also means knowing how to sell your house quickly, no matter what the condition.

Choose the right team

According to some specialists choosing the right team can help sell your house quickly – and sometimes in 90 seconds (even if this delay seems a little mythical to us.) In some cases, the seller may need a broker, lawyer and / or notary, and in some cases a banker. Each region, city and district has its specificities. That said, it is possible to complete the sales contract in as little as 3 days. To benefit from such a quick turnaround, it is important to have the right people on your team, to promote the property well, to target potential buyers and to avoid the cheap shots of unscrupulous buyers. A broker, for example, can tell you about apartments or similar houses sold or for sale.

Set a competitive price

The Government of Canada recommends that buyers of real estate study prices, using calculators and worksheets, among other things, before making a purchase proposal. This means that as a seller you must also use “common sense” in pricing the house.

Whether single-family or multi-family, your home has its counterpart on the market, and don’t hesitate to do a little research to find out how much similar properties are worth. Your team, starting with your broker, can help you set the right price. Note that you can sell your property without paying a commission provided you find the right buyer.


To sell your house quickly, you don’t need to advertise the property. However, if you don’t want to worry about that sort of thing and want to sell a house quickly, all you need to do is bring in the right team, including an investor or a group of investors who are used to investing. buy dozens of homes every year. In most cases, it is possible to sell the property as is in a maximum of 3 days, at a fair price that matches market trends, and without paying any commission.


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