Prepare your home for winter

Winter is fast approaching, an opportunity to take a tour of your home to make sure everything is in working order. The heating system, humidity, insulation, the electrical system, but also the decoration, are all points to check for a smooth and comfortable winter.

Take a look at the right steps to prepare your home for winter

With winter, the cold sets in and it is important to prepare beforehand to overcome any difficulties. Among the good gestures and essential checks:

– Check that the insulation before winter is optimal, in particular by going to your roof to make sure that it is in good condition. In fact, heat losses through the roof are generally maximum, so it must be kept in good condition.

– Restart your thermostat or your heating programmer, and check which temperatures are programmed, night and day. Note that during the day, in your presence, a temperature of 19 ° C is ideal, and this temperature can be lowered to 17 ° C at night. In your absence, you can keep the temperature between 15 and 17 ° C to save money.

– Check the humidity and condensation in your home, by checking the proper functioning of the ventilation system, the tightness of the windows, etc. Feel free to change the seals on windows and doors, and install door sills to reinforce the insulation.

– Check the condition of the electrical installation which is used more in winter. Make sure the electrical panel, sockets and switches are in good condition.

Heating: a crucial point before winter

Heating in winter is a particularly important parameter, so you should do some checks to avoid unpleasant surprises when restarting it for another cold season. Have your boiler checked at least once a year to ensure that it is in optimal condition. In the event of a claim, the insurance will not compensate you if the boiler has not been checked, not to mention that poor maintenance of a boiler puts you at risk of poisoning by carbon monoxide.

In addition, it is imperative to bleed the radiators so that they are in good working order when you restart the heating system, but also do not forget to have the smoke exhaust duct swept.

The fittings and the decor to create a warm and cozy space

Preparing for winter also involves reviewing the layout of the space and the decoration of the home. With the installation of low temperatures and very often grayness, we are looking for more comfort. So review the winter decoration to obtain a warm and cozy interior that makes you want to spend time at home, warm. Start by installing curtains on the windows, this will not only strengthen the insulation of the windows, but you can also brighten up living rooms. Also put as many cushions as possible on the armchairs, sofas and beds, so that you can relax at any time.

Also remember to install one or more throws on the sofas or nearby, this allows you to warm up instantly while feeling good. Finally, winter also rhymes with less light, so it’s time to bring out warm and pleasant light sources, such as candles, garlands, table lamps.


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