How To Decorate Your Home In The Summer Of 2021

Summer is on its way back and with it a desire to change the style of decor, to make our interior brighter and more summery. Find the major trends for this summer 2021, whether it be colors, materials and decorative items.

Pop colors are on the rise

Summer is always a good opportunity to review the colors of our interior by giving them a more summery tone reminiscent of the holidays. That’s good, since the decor trend this summer is in pop and vitamin colors: bright purple, almond green, pink, coral. You will then obtain a vibrant and warm atmosphere, and a decoration that one would almost want to munch on.

You can add a few touches of these trendy colors with cushions placed on the sofa, decorative objects, picture frames and even crockery. For the more daring, dare a purple wall, a carpet in shades of soft green, coral curtains and veils. No more doubts when entering your home: summer has just arrived!

Raw materials for your furniture

The decor for this summer 2021 confirms the momentum towards raw materials: rattan and cane are particularly popular and can be displayed on storage baskets, chests, mirrors, suspensions and even on armchairs and sofas. for the big amateurs. In the same vein, raw and refined wood, which made its entry into our interiors a few years ago, continues to attract amateurs and holds a prime place. Among the novelties: bamboo which appeals for its warm colors and its refined appearance.

As for the cushions and bed linen, it’s the velvet, which wins hands down this season, for a chic and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of boudoirs.

The trend is for dried flowers

A decoration would be nothing without the decorative objects that dress each room. The big news this season is without a doubt the dried flowers. Colorful, stylish but maintenance free, they only have advantages and it is obvious that the trend is not going to run out of steam anytime soon.

And as retro continues to gain followers, we will also note the great return of fringe objects, very elegant and always to affirm this boudoir trend. Among the favorite objects: lightings, armchair and sofa covers, and fringe curtains. No need to overdo it, but a few little notes here and there will make your decor all the more elegant.


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