How to decorate a white wall?

A room with white walls can often appear bland and sparsely decorated. Thus, by customizing your walls, you dress your space, which quickly takes on a whole new look. For the decoration of a white wall, several options are available to you: painting, frames, stickers, tapestry or even wood panels!

Ideas for decorating a room with white walls

Design a wall of frames

Frame walls are in vogue right now. To compose it, collect frames around you. They don’t all need to be matched, on the contrary, varying sizes, shapes, colors and materials will add more character to your composition. Interleave round tables with squares, and space them enough to create volumes. You can then frame photos, posters, drawings or collages from magazines! For more originality, fix one or two mirrors or pictures in the middle of the wall, and the decoration of your white wall will be perfect.

Opt for wall stickers

Can’t drill holes in your walls? Think about wall stickers! They are the quick and practical solution for dressing up the white walls of a bedroom. For children, a multitude of choices are available to you: animals, characters, landscapes, etc. In addition, the stickers are easily positioned and removed in a room and make it easier to decorate a white wall without having to paint! More discreet, a wall frieze can also bring a touch of light decoration to your room, bedroom or bathroom for example.

Choose a tapestry

Want to dress up the white wall of a bedroom? Tapestry is the perfect option for decorating a large empty wall behind a bed. Today there are superb patterned tapestries (flowers, geometric shapes, stripes, etc.). If your space is small, a simple lick of paint or a plain tapestry on one of the walls may be enough to dress the space without overloading it. Finally, more original, a wooden panel can also be attached to the wall, to give a zen and natural spirit to your room. They can be found in decoration and DIY stores.

Highlight your photos

The easiest option for decorating a white wall is still to hang pictures on it. More original than simple frames, for example stretch a wire along your wall and hang clothespins from which you will hang photos. To dress up the white walls of a bedroom, you can also highlight your photos by following a shape, such as a spiral or vertical stripes.

Dress up a bedroom with white walls

In the bedroom, bet on furniture that combines utility with decoration. A bamboo ladder placed against a wall or at an angle to store your clothes, wires stretched with nails to hang jewelry, hooks to display your bags and hats will dress your walls while allowing you to store your belongings. For the headboard, a light garland adorns a white bedroom wall while providing a subdued atmosphere. Another trend of the moment is macrame or woven elements, which hang on all walls.

Dress up a living room with white walls

The living room or the living room is often the largest room in the house. The walls are wide and long, and you have plenty to put your creativity to work! To dress up the white wall of a living room, there are several options available to you. For example, you can hang a large mirror, which will make the room larger. Small round rattan mirrors to hang on the wall or square to glue can also do the trick. In the same style, an accumulation of straw hats can give an exotic side to your interior and dress up a white wall. Finally, the traditional shelves are also an excellent support for your living room decoration: travel souvenirs, sculptures, collection of mini cacti or frames of different sizes.

To dress up the white kitchen walls, why not arrange staggered shelves to display pretty crockery items, like plates or recipe books? Halfway between decoration and storage, this option is ideal for small spaces. In the kitchen, you can also decorate your furniture in an inspired way to add a touch of color. For example, a vintage 60s-style refrigerator will find its place against a kitchen wall. You can also choose to hang hooks for your kitchen utensils, cups, glasses, etc., organized by size and color.

Decorating a white wall is an opportunity to show originality and personalize your decoration. There is thus a wide choice of tapestries or stickers that can be used to dress the white walls of a bedroom, living room or kitchen.


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How to decorate a white wall?

A room with white walls can often appear bland and sparsely decorated. Thus, by customizing your walls, you dress your space, which quickly takes on