Decoration inspiration: it’s fall!

In the fall, we usually start to want to spend more time inside our home to rest in a cozy environment. This is the opportunity to polish up your decor and opt for an autumnal style, warm and elegant.

Choose colors with autumnal tones

If you want to put together a successful fall decor, start by choosing the right colors. With the onset of the cold, the trees are adorned with warm colors such as yellow, red and orange, and we also see the first pine cones and the first chestnuts in brown tone on the country lanes and in forests.

Take inspiration from the colors of nature to decorate your home. You can go for all the variations of these fall colors, taking care not to combine more than three colors in the same room, to avoid the patchwork effect. The rendering must remain elegant and chic.

Bring in some autumn plants

In autumn, the best way to decorate your interior to brighten up the atmosphere is to give pride of place to plants:

– Fall cucurbits like pumpkins, squash, squash and pumpkin are not only great for your health, they can also decorate your home. Place them for example in a rattan basket or on a tray that you will then install on a table, a console.

– Plan an outing in the forest and collect chestnuts or chestnuts. You can then place them in a very trendy glass jar, and install them in different rooms of your home: conservation and decoration guaranteed.

– When going for a walk, consider collecting pine cones that you will then also place in a tray or simply by spreading them on different pieces of furniture.

– Fallen leaves from trees are also perfect for bringing fall style to your interior. You can, for example, place them next to other plants on a tray or in a rattan basket.

– Flowers and dried herbs are more and more trendy in our homes and that’s good, they are ideal for decorating an interior with fall colors. Choose a bouquet of seasonal plants and place it nicely in a vase that matches your decor style.

Curtains, cushions, plaids: bet on textiles!

In autumn, the return of the cold also requires the return of textiles in your home, to reinforce the cozy and warm side. So don’t be afraid to overuse cushions, put them on sofas, armchairs, beds, benches. Vary the colors, patterns and materials to make the decor even warmer, taking care not to combine more than three different colors so that the rendering remains harmonious.

Also install thick curtains on the windows. This will enhance your decoration while reinforcing the insulation of the windows to limit heat loss.

Finally, to enjoy a cozy living room and bedroom, don’t forget to put throws on the sofas, armchairs and beds. You will enhance the cocooning atmosphere of your interior and you can also cover yourself up at any time.

Brighten up the decor with lighting

The light goes down in the fall and the days get shorter. Never mind, all you need to do is install several different light sources in yellow tones to enhance the brightness while maintaining this atmosphere conducive to rest and tranquility. So install table lamps, light garlands, not to mention candles. The advantage is that you will find lights of all styles and colors, whatever your style of decor.


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