Decorate your interior when you are renting

Many tenants face a real dilemma, between preserving the accommodation to recover the deposit when they leave and decorating it to make it more personal and warm. So take stock of what is allowed and what is not, and put in place several tips to decorate without damaging.

Decorating rental accommodation: why take precautions?

When occupying rental accommodation, several precautions must be taken when decorating and fitting out. Indeed, the challenge for all tenants remains to recover the rental deposit upon departure. However, certain types of fittings or decoration can damage the coverings or transform the space, so that the owner can justify keeping the deposit in order to restore the premises. There are therefore conditions to be respected regarding the rental decoration, in order not to risk losing your deposit. To begin with, be aware that you cannot do heavy work, that is, work that aims to change the structure or configuration of the apartment. But beyond major renovations, the owner can keep the deposit if, for example, you have made many holes in the wall of a rental accommodation. A hole in a wall is not a valid reason, but several holes may be enough to degrade the wall and to have to restore the premises. In the same vein, it is impossible to change the floor covering (tiles or parquet for example) without the owner’s consent.

What arrangements are possible in a rental accommodation?

As a tenant, you are allowed certain fittings and decorations, as long as you do not alter the accommodation and its structure, and as long as you do not damage the walls, floors, equipment, etc. For example, you have every right to repaint the walls in the color you want, attach shelves, install pictures, mirrors and frames on the walls, and these can also be drilled. , from the moment the holes are filled when you leave. You can also choose the furniture you want, which leaves a lot of leeway. In terms of decoration, you can also provide curtains, and if no rod has already been installed, you can opt for rods that hang without drilling: you can put the curtains of your choice without filling holes in your departure. Finally, the entire layout of the home is up to you, so you can arrange the furniture and decor however you like, modify this layout if you wish, add screens to partition the spaces, etc. In short, being a tenant allows you to benefit from a certain freedom in terms of decoration and accommodation.

Tips for decorating your rental accommodation

You obviously want to get your deposit back, but that’s no reason to give up decorating your home. You can therefore develop a few tips for furnishing and decorating your home so that it looks like you and that you really feel at home, without damaging the walls and coverings:
  1. Install repositionable sticker-type coverings on the walls and the floor. If you want cement tiles, for example, apply an adhesive coating that sports the patterns and colors of the cement tiles. It’s economical, safe for the coating, and you can move and remove it whenever you want effortlessly.
  2. To limit holes in the walls, you can put frames and pictures directly on the floor, or put them on a dresser, a console or on the top of a cabinet. You can change them and move them whenever you want, without damaging the walls.
  3. Install textiles in the colors and patterns of your decorative style: plaid on the sofa, cushions on the armchairs, tea towels, towels, curtains, sheets… this is a way to personalize your interior without constraint.
  4. Choose colorful furniture and accessories to brighten up the space: chairs, crockery, vases, statuettes, rugs… All you have to do is choose your main color and associate it with two other colors to the maximum so that the rendering remains harmonious.
  5. Opt for simple and effective decorative accessories: planters, light garlands or even suction cup suspensions for your plants for example.


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