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5 styles to see life in gray in your bathroom

A timeless color, gray is one of those rare colors that can be adopted without risk in the bathroom. From light gray to anthracite gray, each shade offers a range of varied and timeless styles. But it is not always easy to know which colors to match. Here are 5 styles deciphered by the editor to definitely adopt gray in your bathroom.

A total gray look for a timeless style bathroom

For a bathroom with a classic yet timeless look, why not try a total gray look? By playing on the nuances, you can indeed create a chic gray bathroom and all that is modern. To avoid the look that is a little too monotonous and dull, just consider varying the materials and patterns. For example: graphic tiles will go very well with plain light gray tiles and pretty taupe wood furniture. Nothing like a beautiful gray color chart in your water feature to highlight the elegance of this color and create a gray bathroom with a timeless look.

Green and gray for a natural and zen bathroom

Naturalness is making a big comeback in decor trends. To achieve the perfect combo in a gray bathroom, do not hesitate, and dare raw materials: cover your walls with a beautiful gray concrete effect coating (or real waxed concrete) that you will marry with wooden furniture, a wicker or bamboo basket and green plants suitable for humid rooms (tropical plants for example). For a gray bathroom in tune with the times, opt for a rather light shade of gray (like Green, the color of the year 2017), from the walls to the bathroom linen, which you will associate with a more intense green .

A gray and pink bathroom for a modern decor

Today, pink is no longer reserved for romantic atmospheres or girly styles, and it can even become your best ally if you want a gray bathroom with an ultra contemporary look. Available with geometric patterns and matching a color chart that mixes charcoal gray and pearl gray, it will bring modernity and style to your water feature in gray mode.

Dare to combine yellow and gray for a real bath of freshness

Here is a rather rare combination of colors but which works wonderfully in a gray bathroom: gray, and yellow! The contrast between the two colors perfectly highlights the luminosity of the yellow, and brings a fresh and spring look to the room. Choose a light gray or mouse gray paint or tile to which you will associate yellow bathroom accessories.

To complete the bright style of your gray and yellow bathroom, choose a beautiful parquet specially adapted to the wet rooms and light wood furniture.

Silver gray and black for a chic and baroque bathroom

Do you like the atmosphere of a castle and not being able to afford one, you have adopted the baroque style in your interior? For the illusion to be total, you can transform your bathroom into a model of elegance and refinement … and nothing like gray to achieve your goals! Go for a rather dark color chart with black and charcoal gray, which will bring out any ornate mirrors, sconces and other silver accessories you choose. For a gray bathroom with a total baroque look, also consider playing the vintage card with old taps and / or furniture with a retro look.


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